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Weekly Workshop – 02 – Dota 2, Chivalry, CS:GO

Weekly Workshop – 02 – Dota 2, Chivalry, CS:GO

by slackerFebruary 13, 2015

Weekly Workshop is a weekly(somewhat) posting to shed some light on new, well-done, and sometimes plain weird Steam Workshop content.There’s no real criteria except that it be interesting.



AROM is a 5v5 gamemode where every player gets a random hero. The map is a single lane which has 4 runes spread over them equally with varying custom effects. Players gain increased gold and experience to speed up the game. Once you are out of the shop, you are locked in battle and you can only buy items when you are dead or just respawned.

Counter Strike


Custom Game, where dota 2 heros find themselves inside one of the most popular Counter Strike maps ( dust2 ). The rules have also changed, there are no anciencts, no creeps. Instead we have Terrorists wanting to plant the bomb and eliminate the opposition, while Counter Terrorsits need to prevent that from happening.

Objectives and money prizes are same as in Counter Strike. Every round has 15 seconds of freeze/tactical time and 1:45min for the actual gameplay. You also drop all of your items on death and anyone else can pick them.

Every player gets new level at the end of the round.

The First team, to win 16 rounds, wins the game.




steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_196394167_preview (1)

Fight along Mason or Agatha on the field of the Battle of Helm Deep from LOTR


Black Knight Mode

bkmsteamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_232823090_preview (1)

You can chop arms, legs, and heads off of living players.

If you lose an arm, you lose weapon functionality.
If you lose a leg, it will slow you down.
If you lose your head, you have 10 seconds until you die.


counter-strike-global-offensive-6 (1)

St. Mary

marysteamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_389196152_preview (1)

In a small Italian town, near the Church of St. Mary, the Separatists decided to make the terrorist act. The GSG-9 went to protect the temple.


dust2wsteamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_362125620_preview (1)

This is a winter-themed version of de_dust2 which brings back the Arctic Avengers to CS:GO!

Now that winter has hit de_dust2, the infamous Arctic Avengers are trying their luck on capturing the chemical weapon stashes! They’ve tried penetrating B-site with an old German Tiger Tank, luckily to no prevail.







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