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Weekly Workshop – 01 – CS:GO and Arma 3

Weekly Workshop – 01 – CS:GO and Arma 3

by slackerJanuary 31, 2015

Weekly Workshop is a weekly(somewhat) posting to shed some light on new, well-done, and sometimes plain weird Steam Workshop content.There’s no real criteria except that it be interesting.

counter-strike-global-offensive-6 (1)







Based on 70-80’s Hong Kong, Kowloon was the most populated city based on its size until its complete demolition in 1993. version based on feedback, appartments are now gone. If you still want playing old version it’s also avalible in

I’m loving the colors and layout of de_kowloon. I’m not sure the color scheme would be good for competitive play but it’s a unique map for sure.


I haven’t played coop_mission_rush yet, but it’s apparently a hostage rescue map in which you are involved in high-speed chases, helicopter rides and more. Pretty unique for CS:GO!

AWP – Mastery

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_372557668_preview (1)

I could easily see this AWP going for close to $100 Factory New. This thing is gorgeous. Make sure to check out the other Mastery skins that M1nD has made here.

Arrma-3_1 (1)








Wake Island


Description :
Wake Island is a coral atoll just north of the Marshall Islands. It is an unorganized, unincorporated territory of the United States, administered by the Office of Insular Affairs, U.S. Department of the Interior. There are about 150 people living on its 2.85 square miles. Access to the island is restricted, and all activities on the island are managed by the United States Air Force. There is also a missile facility operated by the United States Army. The largest island, Wake Island, is the center of activity on the atoll and is the location of Wake Island Airfield, which has a 3 000 m runway.

MCC Sandbox 4 – Mission Making The Easy Way

“A powerful tool that takes control of any mission you’re running.” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun – July 12TH 2013.

MCC Sandbox with its integrated advanced AI system (GAIA) is Freedom.
You can do anything you ever dreamed of in ArmA without knowing even one script command.

Either you play PvP, Co-op or survival, It will change the way you play ArmA forever.

Inspired be VBS and it’s in game real time editor we tried to create something similar that will let any player as the role of an instructor or as we call him the mission maker, to create different real life scenarios and put them to the test. Then he can alter and change the mission progress as he see fit in order to give the other players a more divert and intense experience. MCC support role/kits selection and it’s build to work on dedicated servers. MCC will save the player progress and let him unlock new gear, weapons, scopes and uniforms.
You can create missions without any scripting knowladge and alter them in while in game. You can save your missions and share with friends.
MCC expends Zeus and ads more variety to it.

This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen for Arma 3. This only takes a few minutes to begin to understand. I probably played with it for about 15 minutes and had a mission auto-generated for me and was planting IED’s all over the map. If you ever had an idea for a fun mission for Arma but you were confused by the Arma editor, give this a try.


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