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Kingdom Come – Specialty Workers for “From the Ashes” DLC

Kingdom Come – Specialty Workers for “From the Ashes” DLC

by slackerJuly 8, 2018

Specialty workers let you get bonuses when rebuilding Pribyslavitz. So far, I’ve found a few of these and documented them below.

  • Kunesh in Rattay is only available if you didn’t fight him early in the main story.
  • Mark from the Neuhof stables will join you. You may need to check with Zora first.
  • Zach, the Sasau monastery blacksmith will join if you take his side in his feud.
  • Vashek the stable boy in the Uzhitz stud farm can be recruited as a groom for the stables.
  • Adam from Rattay inn by the archery range can be recruited as Innkeeper.
  • Kornelius the mine supervisor (from water and “nightpot” carrier quest) can be recruited as merchant.

I’ll add more as I find them.

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