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Initial Thoughts: GTA V

Initial Thoughts: GTA V

by slackerSeptember 22, 2013

Initial thoughts on GTA V? This is harder to write than you would think! Keep in mind that I’m about 30% done with the story, with about 30 hours of game time. I like to write my thoughts about the game after the shock and awe of playing a new GTA game has worn off, but before I’ve finished the game or got bored of it(I don’t see that happening).

GTA V Story/Missions

As I said above, I’m about 30% through the story. Like many other GTA games, I don’t feel like there is a good enough background story. At this point, all you know is Michael and Trevor have some generic history together while Franklin is another thug trying to make something more out of himself than just another street banger.

The story covered in GTA V is different though. Some parts don’t seem to make sense, but the again, it is GTA. For the most part, it all has a believable base while being just over the top enough to be fun.

GTA V Gameplay

I feel like almost every aspect of the gameplay has been improved since GTA IV. My only one complaint here would be shooting while in a vehicle. It’s just plain annoying. I don’t understand why Rockstar decided to do it like this in GTA V, but it’s pretty inefficient. Shooting uses the same controls as driving, making it pretty much impossible to do both at the same time.

One major change I want to mention is driving. It feels a lot better in this iteration. It’s easy enough that it’s still fun while remaining partially realistic to keep you from feeling like(and I hate to do this) Saints Row. While I love SR, the driving in the game is so unrealistic it just makes it obnoxious.

I also really love the fact that the game saves at certain checkpoints during missions at times that actually make sense. When dying or losing a mission, I don’t have to re-do the entire drive across the city for no reason. If I made it to the next part of the mission, that is where I restart. The ability to re-do a mission entirely straight from the start menu is also a great feature added in GTA V.

GTA V Environment

The environment of GTA V is leaps and bounds beyond it’s predecessor. The city actually feels like it has life to it. Watching civilians run from the cops, people breaking out into fights for running in to each other, families out on their sailboat; it all works well to make you feel like you’re not the only guy in the world.

GTA V Sound

One major feature of GTA games has always been the radio stations. Lots of variety, humor, and great music. This is a soundtrack I want. It reminds me a lot of GTA 3 radio.

All other sounds seems to be on par or better than what it was in past version.

GTA V Dislikes/Problems

Besides the shooting, one of my very few other complaints would be that you can’t save pictures taken with your phone to your system. You can only upload them to the Rockstar website. I don’t have XBOX Live right now, so this whole feature is pointless for me.

Chops. They give you a bad ass rottweiler, only for the dog to be completely useless unless you have an Apple device, so you can do tasks in a mobile app to improve the dog. This was a terrible idea design from the start.

The garage system is either broken, or a lot of people misunderstand how it’s actually supposed to be used. Many times I’ve customized a vehicle, usually putting more money into it than I should only for it to disappear from my safe house garage.

You can purchase a garage by itself that can usually store 4+ vehicles, but if you take a car out and leave it somewhere it’s gone. This makes doing missions a complete gamble. If you start a mission in your Buggati and it requires you to get into a wannabe Corolla, that car usually winds up gone from the world. This essentially makes the garages and customizing vehicles pointless except for something to look at at this point. I see this as a big issue that Rockstar needs to fix.



Overall, I would have to say that this is a fantastic game and easily worth at least one purchase. I’m sure I will re-buy this when it comes out for PC. Any fan of the series will get more than their share out GTA V. Do not sleep on this game!


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