Final Review: Watch Dogs


Watch Dogs was a pleasant surprise for me. I thought it would be just another open world Ubisoft game. In a lot of ways I was right. That doesn’t change this from being an enjoyable one though. A forewarning, I’m basing all of my review off the single-player. The multi-player didn’t happen. Ever. Any time I tried to do the contracts into someone’s world it would fail and nobody joined my game throughout the entire time I played. I’m honestly not even sure how it is supposed to work.

Thankfully most of the single-player was fun enough to make up for that. I say most because the story was great and there wasn’t a lot of repetitiveness in Watch Dogs. The main story had a little bit of twist to it, but nothing ground breaking. The problem I had was the side missions. The majority of them were not fun to begin with and like other games in this genre(GTA, Saints Row, Assassin’s Creed, etc) there’s only a couple different types but tons of each type over and over.The real problem here is how Ubisoft handles these side missions. Every time you leave a safe house, finish a mission, or do anything at all it seems, you are immediately prompted to go do a side mission. A more often than not, boring one.

Gameplay-wise everything is pretty solid. The movements are mostly fluid except for when moving in and out of cover. Driving is probably my least liked part of the gameplay. After being spoiled by the driving in games like Sleeping Dogs, Watch Dogs leaves a lot to be desired but Ubisoft isn’t really known for their racing games. Until The Crew, maybe?