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2013 PC Games on Metacritic with Widest Range of Scores

2013 PC Games on Metacritic with Widest Range of Scores

by slackerSeptember 15, 2013
GameReviewer ScoreUser ScoreDifferenceLink
Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded558530Link
Gone Home894940Link
Total War: Rome 2803842Link
Company of Heroes 2801664Link
Table data thanks to werttrew.


Difference in scoring wouldn’t normally be an issue, but many developers rely heavily on Metacritic  scores to judge success and even pay.Now let’s see if we can figure out why the large difference in scores. Start at the top?

fezreviewerFEZ has received a bit of flak lately. Well, it’s developer, Phil Fish, has received a lot. Phil had a public display of emotion on Twitter and the public ate it(him) up. There was overreacting on both parts which led to the cancellation of FEZ 2. I’m sure we can all agree a decent portion of the difference in scores was due to this event.


Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded might be more difficult to figure out. Especially since reviewers seem to be the group with the problem this time. A lot of reviews are in the 60-80 range, but there are some extremely low ratings dropping the average quite a bit. Eurogamer submitted a review giving it a 20 out of 100. Not only do they really dislike the game, but throw it in a oh-so-hilarious(that was sarcasm if you missed it) list of things the world doesn’t need with subjects such as racism and poverty. Is it ironic they continuously talk about the maturity of LSL:Reloaded and start off with a list like that, or is it some kind of special satire I didn’t catch? In fact, there are a few others reviews that list it off as rude, vile, etc. It’s like these people don’t know what the Leisure Suit series is about. Either way, fans seemed to love it, so who cares what reviewers have to say?

Guncraft received extremely poor reviews from users. Many say that the lack of normal video settings and unbalanced game-play are to blame. Others just say it’s an Ace of Spades clone.

Gone Home had a difference of 40 points. Users who scored the game low were either not impressed with the story, or disliked that there wasn’t a lot of direct game-play. I thought it was mostly common knowledge that the game was more of an interactive story(see The Walking Dead) than it was an actual game. I can see how some people might not know that going into the game though.

Here is one I agree with: Total War:Rome 2. I don’t think reviewers played the same game, or played the game at all. Even post-patch, there are serious issues with the game. This basically covers everything.


Sim City is a game we should all be pretty familiar with. The amount of press this game garnered upon release was monumental. Developers told us it wouldn’t work with offline play at all, people cracked it and proved them wrong. Sim City also suffered from Day 1 server issues. Some people couldn’t download the game. Some couldn’t play it at all. Some couldn’t connect to any servers.

And finally we make our way to Company of Heroes 2. The prequel to this game got overwhelmingly great reviews pretty much all around. Not the case for the 2nd game in the series whatsoever. Over 1,000 negative reviews regarding bugs, crashing, racist undertones and game-play. I have not played CoH2 outside of the early beta, so I’ll reserve my personal judgment until I try it at a later date.

Thoughts on any of the games mentioned? Please do share in the comments!

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